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July 07, 2020
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KeyCount - an ancient DOS TSR used to monitor keyboard activity

March 17, 2006

One of my earliest freeware utilities (KeyCount dates from 1995), I've decided to leave it available to the general public for those few aberrant souls (sorry) that continue to use DOS in the days of far more capable operating systems.

KeyCount records the number of key-presses made at the keyboard, after the program is either invoked from the command line, or by a special key-stroke combination. When this same key-stroke combination is used again, the logged number of keypresses is displayed. Has anyone else accessed the system in the meanwhile? How many characters have been logged in your absence?

KeyCount is a TSR (Terminate-and-Stay-Resident) type program; it takes up 784 bytes of memory, and may be loaded high. Nostalgic for those old days, anyone? EMM386 and HIMEM.SYS? [ More on KeyCount, here ]

Grow'Em 2000 for Windows 95 and beyond

March 7, 2006

While not programming-specific, Grow'Em 2000 is freeware, it was coded by company president Paul Postuma, and there's got to be some gardening fanatics out there, somewhere. The software looks a little dated, but the information is voluminous.

Propagate plants from seeds, cuttings, by layering, etc. 1000+ entries, most propagating techniques in depth, and detailed info on growth media, composting, lighting, etc. Easy-to-use resource; illustrated. Requires Windows 95 or beyond, SVGA, 5 MB hard disk space

"Rating: A+ ... a world-class gardening reference ... this work is particularly timely ... True Color images are available in profusion ... A very useful and practical reference for any gardener." NewMedia Canada

DOS Programming Utilities

March 6, 2006

Coded in an extinct shareware assembly language known as WASM, these now almost-archaic DOS utilities are still finding use with hardware and programming aficionados.

BIOS Reporter displays much of the (copious) system information available in BIOS data area; it can be run as pop-up TSR to report changes to BIOS values while a second program is running.

ScanCode Show reports scan and ASCII codes as well as keyboard BIOS values for any keystroke, in scrolling display.

KeyCount is another TSR, monitoring keyboard activity for security reasons, or for measuring productivity. A hotkey combination is used to present the number of key-presses made after program activation; program may be activated by hotkey combination or from the command line or a batch file.

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