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MSI P35 Neo2-FR motherboard: Great performance at $130 using only DDR2-RAM

March 16, 2008

Now that X38 and X48 motherboards represent Intel's champion chipsets, at costs of $300 and up, what's a performance-craving addict to do?P35 was - is - a great chipset, but has it been eclipsed?

The new chipsets also promise outstanding results using the newer DDR3-RAM, which can cost upward of $500-$1600 for 4 GB. Obviously, you want the best, you pay for the best ...


MSI P35 Neo2-FR motherboard for Core 2 Duo/Quad processors

The MSI P35 Neo2-FR motherboard is our current dual-core or quad-core favorite. It performs as well as any of its higher-priced P35, X38, and X48 competitors, so long as only one graphics card is used. It isn't quite as good as some of its competitors when paired with two - but even here nets pretty sweet results. And DDR2-RAM at low latencies can perform as well as DDR3-RAM rated at almost twice the speed ...

[ Read more ... ]

Intel's Core 2 Duo: new rulers of the CPU world

July 15, 2006

Conroe processorIntel's Core 2 Duo CPU has arrived, and it's enough to make an AMD fanatic weep.

I'm no Intel fanboy: I cut my teeth on the AMD 286-16, and have built many AMD systems since (with only one brief flirt with an Intel processor: the Celeron 300, overclocked to 450 MHz). But now, the writing's on AMD's wall. With the Core 2 Duo, Intel owns the future - and that's good for all of us.

The Core 2 Duo does not represent a simple redesign of the Pentium 4 processor line, or a shift to smaller-scale manufacturing. Instead, Core 2 Duo takes a radical rebuild of the Pentium M/Core Duo core, and throws in a handful of significant new features. [ Read more ... ]

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