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July 07, 2020
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Simple web site navigation menu using the SurgeMenu cascading menu system

November 24, 2007

The screenshot is of part of the site navigation menu from my Grow'Em Plant Propagation Database:

SurgeMenu web site navigation menu

The SurgeMenu system features Javascripted pop-up menus that permit rapid and targeted browsing of a large site. The Grow'Em site's navigation menu contains 14 discrete menus, but loads very quickly.

Also, notably: if Javascript is not enabled, the base page navigation menu still works. The fancy menus aren't there, but the page links that trigger them work either way. When a user clicks over to the new page, the related pages are presented as well. This isn't as quick, perhaps, but the site is still easily and logically navigated.

That's just good design. [ Read more ... ]

The Ars Informatica SurgeMenu DHTML Cascading Menu System

November 23, 2007

This project started with the search for a simple, clean, cascading menu system I could use for a web site I was working on.

I found a few, but none that had everything I needed.

I needed a flexible, customizable, Javascripted menu that could cascade down three or four tiers of information. One that was easily configured, and that was fast, no matter how complex. One that was compatible with all popular browsers and browser versions.

And thus, SurgeMenu was born.

SurgeMenu deeply-nested menu example: 289-item menu of medical subjects

The above screenshot is of an eleven-item menu, each with second-tier submenus containing from 6-10 items, twenty-five third-tier menus, and five fourth-tier menus. Grand total: 289 selectable menu items. It meets the requirements above, and more. It is easily configured, using standard CSS and simple PHP calls.

It's lean - run-time Javascript comes in at under 6K - and it's mean. I've built 471-item menus that loaded and ran as fast as a 4-item menu ...

[ Read more ... ]

Web page redirection via 301 .htaccess, PHP, ASP, Java, CGI, HTML and Javascript Redirects

January 31, 2007

Phew. If the preceding line makes your head hurt, relax. It's much easier than it sounds.

If you've managed a web site long enough, you'll have changed your layout, your pages, maybe your directory structure. You yourself, and others, will have links to your old pages. Search engines may have links to your site as well. You don't want broken links. You don't want to lose search-engine traffic, lose clients, lose credibility. You need to redirect.

Redirection can be as simple as a single line added to the <HEAD> section of your web page - we show you how, though we don't recommend it, and we tell you why. A few lines of Javascript can redirect from the old page to the new: again, we show you how, we recommend against it, and tell you why. Or you can implement proper redirection through a browser- and search engine-friendly 301 Redirect, by editing the .htaccess file on Apache systems, or using server-side PHP, ASP, Java or CGI code.

Again, we show you how.

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