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July 07, 2020
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E-mail address validation using PHP preg_match

November 13, 2006

For PHP or Regular Expression (regex) newcomers, a single line of code used to validate e-mail addresses submitted by visitors to your site.

Regular expression matching can seem very daunting; the code certainly isn't self-explanatory. By way of introduction to the subject, we dissect this single line of code. We also explain the preg_match function in its simplest form, contrast PERL- and POSIX-compatible regex functions, and give you references so you can dig deeper.

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Use META tags to draw visitors to your site

July 26, 2006

<META> tags: familiar to some, and a title to inspire fear in others. Yet they can earn you top placement in search engines, and can help guide Google's AdSense, and other advertising programs, to pick the content best suited to your site, and thus increase your revenues.

META tags are part of the HTML source code underlying every web page. Web search engines (a.k.a. spiders) crawl the web for content, and while the best of them have long learned to look for information beyond these tags alone, for many spiders, this is where they start.

And while technical, this stuff isn't overly painful. We review those tags you should absolutely use on your site, those that are useful and therefore suggested, others that serve very specific purposes and should be definitely be used in those instances, and finally, tags to avoid.

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Find that font! Fantastic font sites

July 23, 2006

Great fonts bring your work alive. Makes it stand out. Makes it sizzle, pop - if you want it to. Or keeps it subdued, readable. Whatever you want.
Standard operating fonts tend to do well for readability: they're the bread and butter of business life. Still, there are nice alternatives to Arial and Times New Roman. Try Verdana for web text, Garamond, Palatino, Warnock Pro for documents.
For artwork, brochures, postcards and posters, web banners and letterheads, you need something different. If you're a font-hound, you likely have thousands of fonts installed. You scourge your system, and still you can't find the one you want. What next?
Free is always good. My first recommendation: try a freeware font site. My favorite is ... [ Read more ]

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