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July 07, 2020
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A free, simple, tunable grayscale function for dynamic image conversion using PHP and the gd library

February 17, 2008

Looking for a simple, tunable grayscale function, one you - or your web site's visitors - can use to dynamically generate grayscale images? Look no further. The following images were all generated from the first, using PHP with the gd graphics library, and Ars Informatica's AI_grayscale() function:

And it's as easy as

AI_grayscale($image, 0.8); ... or easier. [ Read more ... ]

Checking for and installing the gd Graphics Library

February 12, 2008

The gd graphics library is open source code for the dynamic creation and manipulation of images that load in real-time in a client's browser. It is part of a standard PHP install - but do you have it? is it active? Today's article tells you how to check for it, how to install and enable this functionality.

We also present a light-weight, nicer, neater gd_info function: one that displays which gd version is installed, what image formats are supported, etc. Output is clean, legible, and easily understood.

[ Read more ... ]

Building a Multi-Browser Web Page Testing Suite

November 26, 2007

I've learned, time and again, that standards-compliant code does not guarantee a functional web site design.

Unfortunately, problems abound. Cascading Style Sheets implementations should be consistent, but aren't. Javascript handling varies from browser to browser, even basic HTML rendering.

Until all browsers fully comply with a single clear, functional set of standards, you'll want to test your web page designs in all of the leading browsers, in all major versions in current use.

In the article, we present three browser "suites", that is, links to the currently most popular browsers available for the Windows PC, Mac, and linux platforms. Between them, these browsers represent greater than 98% of all Web-browsing activities.

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